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There can be many reasons for learning Dutch. If you live in The Netherlands and you don't speak the language you are restricted in many ways. And although Dutch people are known to speak a little of English, the official language remains of course Dutch. To keep up with the latest news, to get in touch with people in shops or on the streets and to understand what daily matters are in this country it is very advisable (and fun!) to master the Dutch language. It is an extraordinary interesting language that offers many challenges.

Beatrice has also become an expert in helping prepare the NT2 State Exam (I and II) so you can also join for this privately or in one of the group courses. 

Because of her own multicultural background, Beatrice has a lot of experience in teaching Dutch to others. Not only is she an expert in the matter, but she also knows of the personal and cultural obstacles that can arise if one does not speak the official language. The integration process is one such obstacle that Beatrice has prepared many students for. With great enthusiasm she shows students the way in a strange language and a strange culture and so far, she has done so with many successful outcomes (have a look at the students responses).

Rood steentje

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